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THE INKREDIBLE PARLOUR is a Luxury Tattoo Parlour positioned right on the beach in the tourist hot spot Hillarys Boat Harbour, Western Australia, providing Custom Tattoos and Body Piercing.  


We are committed to changing the perception of the tattoo industry by delivering a high standard of customer service and professionalism from the initial consultation to producing breathtaking masterpieces.

Providing a sterile and safe environment for our staff and customers THE INKREDIBLE PARLOUR is not like your average Tattoo studio, we believe in the importance of representing our core values and morals which has given us the reputation of exceptional customer satisfaction with our artists being devoted to perfection.


A tattoo is something that stays with you forever and we believe it is an expression of character, it’s a passion for art and creativity and here at THE INKREDIBLE PARLOUR we respect people’s journeys, philosophies and beliefs and welcome all cultures into the Parlour. We believe diversity is the art of thinking independently together which can create extraordinary works of art.





Offering our clients professional, friendly and quality artists provides us with the confidence in knowing all work at our parlour is produced to a high standard we can be proud of.



Himal is a Nepalese artist who started his tattooing career in Kathmandu a little over 6 years ago. He moved to Australia 3 years in to study another artistic passion of his – film making, while continuing to focus on developing his tattoo style. Himal specialises in realism and cultural tattoo styles but has a diverse talent for all styles of tattooing including dotwork, colour-realism, cover-ups, and water colour.


Himal loves creating unique pieces for his clients and is able to achieve these through first having a consult with them in order to create their desired artwork.


Giorgia is a tattoo Artist originally from Italy who has had a passion for tattooing from a very young age, this passion evolved further when she had the opportunity to travel to a tattoo convention to meet and get tattooed by her favorite artist. Since then she has moved to Australian and completed her tattoo apprenticeship. Through her apprenticeship her passion and love for drawing and tattooing grew even more and she found herself discovering her tattoo style. Giorgia’s personal style consists of mandalas, geometric pieces and lots of dot work, although these are her favorite styles to tattoo she is always up for a challenge and welcomes all styles of tattooing from her clients.

With over 6 years’ experience Giorgia is able to help you bring your design ideas to life, by incorporating your concept with her knowledge you are guaranteed to leave the Parlour with piece you have fallen in love with.


Sunu is a Balinese artist who has over 11 years’ experience in tattooing. He has travelled to multiple countries advancing his tattooing skills by learning different artistic styles from artists all over the world before settling in Australia 3 years ago with his Sydney born wife and their now 7 children.

Sunu specialises in realism, surrealism, black and grey, colour, coverups and portraits of animals and people. He is very passionate about horror and dark side tattoos as these are his favourite styles of art to tattoo.




Jake is our in-house body piercer.

Piercing for 5 years, he started off at one of Perth's busiest piercing shops and picked up the art quickly.

He loves to work around the client’s ear to create something unique for everyone.

Jake is confident in all piercings with his main goal being to assure all customers feel safe and happy before during and after the piercing.



Jayden is a Tattoo Apprentice, starting at the Parlour in August 18’ he has found his artistic style in Portraits, Neo Trad and New school art.
Ever since he can remember Jayden has spent every spare moment drawing and creating art, caught in awe and amazement at a young age by witnessing what can be produced on skin with a tattoo machine.
Born and raised in Rockingham WA Jayden plans on traveling the world with his art continuing to grow his skills and experience to be the best Tattoo Artist he can.



Albie is our New Zealand Artist with over 10 years of tattooing experience and knowledge within the world of cultural tattooing. He specialises in the Art form of Tamoko (Traditional New Zealand Maori Tattooing) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Maori Visual Arts and Design which he obtained from Toihourkura school of Contemporary Maori Visual Arts and Design.

Each piece of work is uniquely created and designed based upon a Korero (Story) or Kaupapa (Subject Matter) that is wanting to be represented. This ensures each piece is personal and made especially for the individual.

Albie’s skill set is not limited to Tamoko Art, he covers all aspects of cultural tattooing throughout the Pacific and Polynesia connecting people through cultural designs and patterns.



We are committed to changing the perception of the tattoo industry by delivering a high standard of customer service and professionalism from the initial consultation to producing breathtaking masterpieces.



Here at the Parlour we take great pride in holding high standards in body piercing procedures and ensuring our customers have a comfortable and safe experience.



 0422 793 769

Hillarys Boat Harbour,

Sorrento Quay, Hillarys, Western Australia






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