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Sterile - Precise - Professional 
Body piercing is an age old procedure that dates back over 5000 years in some cultures,
it became mainstream in the 1970s.
Body piercing is a great form of self expression and an extremely safe way to decorate your body.
Here at the Parlour we take great pride in holding high standards in body piercing procedures. All our jewellery is sterilised at the studio, it is nickel free and high grade surgical steel. Only sterile single use needles are used. 
Receiving a piercing is very quick and easy, all you have to do is lay there and breathe.
Not only do we take the quality of our work seriously, we take pride in looking after our customers.
At the Parlour our main goal is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible and have the best experience you can. Don't be afraid to come down and talk to our piercer Jake.


All Prices include Jewellery and After Care Spray.

Ear Lobe - $55

Ear Lobes Double - $80


Forward Helix 





all - $70

Daith - $80

Industrial - $85

Nose - $70

Septum - $80





Nipple (single)

all - $80

Nipple Double - $95

Piercing Price List

Piercing Healing Times

Ear Lobe - 4-8 weeks: Clean twice a day.


Cartilage - 3-6 Months: Cartilage can take up to 6 months to heal so don’t be alarmed if it is still red or sore for the first month.


Eyebrow - 2-4 Months: Due to its location, the jewelry is easily caught on clothes and is quite often slept on.


Nose/Septum - 2-4 Months: Make sure to be extra careful when cleaning your face as this piercing is easily irritated.


Oral Piercings - 2-4 Months: Strictly no alcohol for the first week and avoid dairy. Avoid Oral Contact with anyone for the first two weeks. Avoid playing with the piercing with your tongue.


Nipple/Navel -  3-6 Months: These are deep tissue piercings and take a while to heal. Be careful not to get it caught on clothes, bed sheets and towels.

Piercing After Care Advice


Clean the Piercing daily with saline solution aftercare spray – available for purchase from The Inkredible Parlour

Spray the area and use a cotton tip to gently clean around and underneath the stud.



Do not move or twist jewelry – this breaks the healing process.

Do not touch or move the jewelry with your fingers – this can lead to infection and scaring.

Do not dry the area with a towel after showering – use paper towel.

Avoid bathing in salt or chlorinated water for 2 weeks after.

Avoid contact with skin and hair products.

ORAL Piercings: Strictly no Alcohol for the first week and avoid dairy products for the first few days.

If you have any further questions or require any more assistance please contact The Inkredible Parlour.

Piercing Healing Times
Piercing After Care Advise


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